Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too Much Learning

Jesus says about the Father, "You have hidden things from the learned and the wise. You have revealed things to children." Mt. 11: 25-26. Do you think if you just read more books about God, you will know, or believe better? Has anyone come to faith through a Catechism? How many people with advanced degrees in theology, liturgy, church history, ever impressed you with their prayer life? Did they even talk about their prayer life?
The childlike, not the childish, seem to be people who are more open-minded. They have not yet formed their image of God. They are open to learning new things. They don't yet feel a need to prove their faith correct and anything else wrong or evil. They still talk to God. They are not frightened by God, nor angry because God did not give them something they wanted.
I think that we can read too much and pray too little.

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