Friday, July 1, 2011

Spiritual Colonialism

I have it and you don't. This is spiritual colonialism. Western missionaries used to bring European Christianity to Japan, China, and India. Those foreigners were the pagans, who had no truth. We brought our Greek philosophical dualism to them. Zen, Chan, Hinduism were the nonsense of the lost. We had it all. We were the learned and they were the "little ones."
The Gospels reveal that we are only beginning to see the depth of Jesus and his teachings. He speaks about hiding things from the wise and learned (western educated theologians) and revealing them to the "little ones." See Matthew 11: 28-30.
Nicholas of Cusa, a cardinal in the church, spoke of the coincidence of opposites, that is, things can be and not be at the same time. We Roman Catholics cannot grasp this. An example: at the Resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples in their locked room. He did not come in any door. So, his resurrected body cannot be corporeal like ours. But then he ate some food. His body then must be corporeal. This is both/and, or maybe neither/nor. The onlookers never tried to explain it. They simply spoke of their experience.
For us to grasp this we would need to get beyond dualistic thinking. Better yet, get beyond the thinking mind, or go deeper. This would be mystical, contemplative. An energy would be released that would lead us to a knowing beyond discursive knowing. Maybe those Chan, Zen, and Hindu adepts might have something to say to us that would make us better Christians ?

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