Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moving Along

I have a friend who is in the process of moving from one house to another. Her husband has a lot of stuff that she would like to be rid of. Moving is often a chance to unload a lot of things that clutter our lives. But her husband comes along with the stuff.
One answer is to get rid of the husband. Then you will be rid of the stuff. Then come join a monastery where you will have very few material things to clutter up your life. This is a rather drastic step. The Church does not care for wives to be rid of husbands because of clutter. You could never get an annulment based upon clutter as your grounds for divorce.
Maybe growth in prayer is a bit of the same challenge. Our interior life has a lot of clutter. We find it hard to be still and detached from thoughts. Do we say, "OH, I will quit my life, drop everything and go join a monastery!" Some do, but they don't last. The solution might be to do something small each day, rather than do nothing in despair, or do something drastic. Have a steady spiritual exercise that we do each day. One day at a time, and the clutter will eventually diminish.
Well I have not solved my friends problem about the cluttered husband. Maybe she can throw out some little thing(s) each day, and he won't notice? What do I know? I am an unmarried priest.

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