Monday, July 11, 2011


We have various leafy, green bushes around the monastery building. From time to time throughout the summer one bush or another will blossom with flowers. I never know which bush will flower when. It is always an unexpected surprise. A simple green bush one day, and then suddenly on another day it is full of flowers.
But I have to be here to see it. If I don't walk around the property I may miss something. It is the same with God's Grace, God's life in and around me. I don't make it happen. It is a free gift, like a flowering bush. I know God is at work in me, just as Mother Nature is at work in the flowering bush. Prayer is the walking around part that I do on a daily basis. Prayer is the daily exercise for my soul. If I am attentive to prayer then there is a good chance I will witness God's surprising grace in my life. God is always at work in me, and I only notice it from time to time when Grace flowers. It is quite beautiful. Do you have a spiritual exercise?

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