Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Is Your God?

I hear some one say that they are not sure about the existence of God. Whose God are you doubting? Where did you get your idea of God when you did believe? Sometimes we get our God from what another person tells us and we trust that person or want to be accepted by that person. It might be a teacher, parent, priest, or friend who told us of God's existence. Did you ever experience their God? This God you wonder about or doubt might never have been your God in the first place. It was someone else's experience or belief. You cannot pass on experience, and if you don't have your own experience of God, then what do you have?

You might have gotten your image of God from a catechism book. That is talk about God. It is not God. So maybe the problem is not so much lack of faith in God, as you just need to get your own God that makes sense to you and that you can experience. We can say that God is unknowable, in some intellectual sense, but you can still have an experience of this God.

A lot of us are simply denying or doubting someone else's idea of God. It is not a crisis of faith. It is a crisis of experience or a crisis of trust in your own ability to have an experience and relationship with a God that fits you. God comes in all sizes.

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