Saturday, July 9, 2011

Windshield Wipers

When the front window of the car is dirty, I use my windshield wipers to clean the window so I can see more clearly what is in front of me as I drive. When I pray, I want silence and stillness to open my inner eye to the Presence in front of me. But there is a lot of debris of daily life that seems to cover my vision. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts get in the way. So I use a method to clean them away. The method is the windshield wiper of prayer. I might focus for a moment on the word "Jesus" or I might notice my breathing for a few moments.

I hear people say, "I wonder if God is listening to me?" Well, if you are full of wordy prayers of praise, petition, novenas, and they are your entire focus, then the question is not, "Is God listening to me?" The question is, "Are you listening to God?" You may need some windshield wiper method to sweep those words away.


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