Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pot of Flowers

I was looking at a pot of red flowers. Some flowers are in full bloom. Some are losing petals. Some have not yet bloomed. They are all sharing the same water in the flower pot. It reminds me of a church community. All baptized into the same waters of the Holy Spirit. Some are elderly, some are at full strength. Some are young children. All are needed. All have a place.

It is like that with me. A part of me is dying. My body is falling apart. Some of my old ways of seeing things are fading. A part of me is focused as to the task at hand with some new wisdom, deeper prayer, insights. Some of me is yet to flower. All parts make up ME! Never get too settled into who you think you are. God has surprises. It comes with that baptism Grace of the Holy Spirit.

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