Thursday, February 12, 2015

Archbishop Romero

He was shot while saying mass in El Salvador during the was there.  He championed the poor and challenged an economic and social situation that did not help the great disparity between rich and poor which was at the base of the war in the first place.  His death was around 1980.  Thirty five years later he is finally declared the obvious, a martyr.  Some people might say that he was not a martyr because he did not die for the faith.  No?  When did the faith ever defend the few rich against the many poor?  I do not find this disparity defended in the bible.  Romero followed Jesus.  They both were killed by the power structure.  I wonder if the El Salvador wealthy tried to prevent him being declared a martyr?  It would be a quick road to sainthood for Romero and an embarrassment for the rich.  I guess you can ask them.  They are probably skiing at Aspen and Vail.

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