Sunday, February 8, 2015

Colonoscopy Spirituality

One does not usually connect the spiritual life with a colonoscopy procedure.  I did.  It happened this way.  The nurse said I had good veins but she could not get the needle to stay in the vein.  She took it out, stopped the bleeding and then did a second needle that took in a second vein.  By now I was getting a little dizzy.  She left.  I got very dizzy and hit the emergency button.  I thought triage showed up!  Fluid bag, oxygen in the nose, test for blood sugar, and heart rate.  I missed my slot for a colonoscopy I think, because they left me in the holding room for quite a while, though they came to check up.  So I got a chance to meditate, pray some verbal prayers and review my spiritual life.  I did not have any polyps.   My God seems to be everywhere.

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