Thursday, February 5, 2015


Freedom is not about doing anything you want.  If everyone is free to drive wherever and however they want, there will be crashes and destruction of things and people.  We have traffic laws.  When the Hebrew tribes were freed from slavery in Egypt they did not know how to live as free people.  So God gave them laws.  As slaves, they did not need law.  They knew their role and did what they were told to do by the master.  When someone says, "I am free to do whatever I want," that person is not free.  They are slaves to whim, ego, selfishness and some other bad habits.  Freedom is work.  It is work that makes us who we are at our best.  Doing whatever you want can become an addiction.  Freedom is a choice and sometimes we need help to make that choice on a daily basis.  I do.


  1. That is a good one. I needed to hear your blog today.

  2. I love this--it's so clear and succinct.

    "Freedom is work. It is work that makes us who we are at our best." Words to live by.