Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Part

Sometimes I am a part of something, and sometimes I am simply apart.  When I get up in the morning I have some silence and solitude, apart from the outside world and my inside parade of thoughts.  This meditation time is for getting connected with my interior, spiritual self.  I want to be together, all my parts one.  Then I can go forth and participate, be part of the day, with people and situations, with compassion, and listening.  A member of a team, participates, as in soccer and baseball, and business groups.  When I do singular things, like run, I do not participate.  I am alone.  Even with a group, I am way behind.  No one is waiting for me to catch up.  Now if I don't get into that morning mediation, I enter into the day "apart" from everything.  I isolate.  I have low levels of compassion and fail to listen adequately.  I am all about me, not a team player.  I want to contribute to a world larger than me, be a part of that world.  Isolation is a slippery slope.

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