Friday, July 15, 2016


What do stars do?  They change.  First they are born, taking matter from here and there.  OK, I vast here and there.  Then they die.  Once a star is fully functioning, it begins to use up its energy.  It is letting go of itself.  It is dying.  Every star I can see in the sky is dying, giving up of itself, so that I can have this magnificent view, and see the face of God.  I am part of this same cosmos.  If I am going to be true to who and what I am, then I must let go.  Stop hoarding and trying for "More."  To be fully me in this creation, I must be letting go, dying to self, so that others can see the beauty that is me.  The miser, Mr. Scrooge, was a pretty ugly and mean guy when he was hoarding.  Then he became like a star, shining as light for all.  Be a star!  Or as they sang in the movie, "Frozen," "Let it go!"

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