Monday, July 18, 2016

Our Needs

Why not pray each day for what we need instead of what we want.  Sometimes you might not be too sure where the line is drawn, but generally we know at least some of our needs.  I have wants, things that I would prefer or favor, but I don't absolutely have to have them.  I might like to have a new car, but I don't need a new car.  I find that often I spend my prayer requests on wants to go along with my plans.  "Please Lord, don't let it rain on my outing day."  Clear skies is not a need for me in this case.  It might be for the hay rancher.  He can pray for sun or rain depending, but weather is generally not a need for me.  My best waking prayers begin with gratitude.  Then I ask for needs.  I then might throw in some wants or preferences, but God and I know that these are not necessities.  Focusing on wants gives energy to my self-centeredness.  Wants are all about me, and sometimes they might get in the way of someone else's need.  I am still trying to figure out which category is "a parking space."  I treat it as a need.

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