Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I do not put butter on my toast.  I put local honey on toast and in tea for that matter.  Local honey helps to ward off hay fever, and colds.  I am thankful to the bee.  Yet if the same bee were buzzing around in my "space" such as room, I would see it as an intruder, a foreign agent, something to be destroyed with a swatter or spray.  Same bee.  My attitude or reaction changes depending upon the context.  Do we not tend to make judgments based upon context, situation, or culture?  Same person but in different circumstances is judged and treated differently.  You are in your group of homogenized people.  This is why you like the group.  It is people just like you.  Then in walks someone who looks different, such as in skin color.  They are in your space, your neighborhood.  You make a judgment and then treat them a certain way.  They could come into your neighborhood church!  Do you welcome them or avoid them?  Now the exact same person is doing checkout at your grocery store.  The line is short, so you go to that checkout person.  Color of skin makes no difference.  You even thank them maybe for being helpful, like I thank the bee for my honey.  But don't come into my neighborhood space, bee.  I will kill you or call pest control.

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  1. This deserves a standing ovation.