Sunday, July 24, 2016

Oops! Forgot.

A friend asked me to send a mass card to someone.  He gave me all the information, address where to send the card, and what to write on the card, and what the relation of the deceased was to the person receiving the card.  As I began to fill out the mass card I realized my friend had left out one very important item.  I did not have the name of the deceased!  Don't we all have those situations where we forget one essential item?  I have gone to my gym with the intention to shower there after the workout and then go straight to work.  I bring all my "street" clothes.  After exercise I shower and as I dress, I realize I forgot my shoes, or forgot my pants.  It happens.  How could I be so stupid!  Yet, if I "forget" the essential part of my spiritual life, Prayer, I don't seem to mind or think myself stupid.  Better to be shoeless, than soulless.

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