Monday, July 4, 2016

Bad Thinking

I heard someone say that they don't practice bad behavior anymore, but they still practice bad thinking.  I agree.  Healing, transformation, and such begins on the outside for many people who have been in the bad behavior business.  You might find ways to stop bad behavior in order to stay out of jail, avoid divorce, poverty or unemployment.  You might do it simply because you are tired of acting the way you do and suffering consequences.  But the thinking does not change so easily.  There is thinking behind all that bad behavior.  You come to discover this after you change the outside.  Then you have isolated the inside, and it glares at you.  This is when we really need some spiritual program that will counter the thinking and urge to act out.  If you live with a former crazy person, support and urge them to work on their thinking, and feelings.  Craziness is not simply in what we do.

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