Friday, July 8, 2016

Top Down Change

Usually, when I hear someone say that a corporation or educational institution needs to change, the speaker means that the top people have to change or be replaced.  Change is never seen as something that happens with the office worker or low level manager or salesperson.  It is always "the top" that has to change.  But religious institutions are more like AA.  No matter who is at the top, unless the membership lives out the mission or purpose of the institution, nothing really changes.  If a religion is supposed to be more merciful, kinder, more accepting and inclusive, it is the membership who must live this out.  The top people really can only suggest, exhort, live what they say.  But inertia is pretty big.  I think that more change comes from a few in the rank and file who begin to act differently.  They influence those around them, even with initial resistance.  If you want change in whatever you feel you are part of, club, institution, society, community, begin with yourself.

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