Friday, July 22, 2016


Today is Maureen's birthday.  I assumed that she was celebrating it in purgatory, if one celebrates at all in purgatory. I had been praying for her, since we are supposed to pray for the souls in purgatory.   But now I am not so sure as to her whereabouts.  In prayer, I contacted her Guardian Angel, who is in a Guardian Angel Retirement setting in heaven, with other angels who had a very stressful time with the last human being they had to guard.  My sister could be difficult even for Guardian Angels.  Anyhow, her retired angel told me, in prayer, that she had not seen Maureen or heard anything about Maureen in purgatory in recent purgatory time.  I am not sure how they measure time in purgatory, but more importantly, where is my sister!  Is she in transit?  To heaven?  Has God no standards?  I digress.  Her angel said that she would make inquiries with the Admittance Department in heaven to see if Maureen is now there fully enjoying Divine Love.  I know that the Pope said this was the Year of Mercy, but I did not think it applied to afterlife as well.  Maybe God is being especially Merciful this year.  If so, it would be a good time to die if you think you are on the cusp of eternal life and just need a Mercy shove to get into heavenly bliss.  If you do die and get into heaven will you please look for my sister.  If you see her, please tell her hi from her little brother, and to now pray for me.  In turn, I will stop telling Maureen stories.  Angel rumors have it that my Guardian Angel is looking for retirement too.  They just don't make angels like they used to.

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