Thursday, July 14, 2016

Face Of God

I like to look at the stars at 3:30 AM from the monastery election of 8,000 feet.  when I look at all these stars in the dark sky, I am looking at the face of God.  Everything in the sky looks still and silent, but this is not so.  All is energy and movement.  Even space is not just empty nothing.  God is not male or female, young or old, nor of any religion.  The night sky came long before any religion.  The night sky keeps me from boxing God into some image.  God is pretty big, the universe, and pretty small, in me.  And if God is in me, then God is in you.  So when I look at you, I can be looking at the face of God too.  God is Love, a verb.  So I had better shape up.  After my nap.  3:30 AM takes a lot out of me.

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