Sunday, July 17, 2016

Out Of Control

A person told me that their life was out of control.  Well, so is mine, and this can be a good thing.  My life used to be out of control. Period.  Finally, I decided that I had to do more than believe in God, pray to this God for momentary help to fix things, while I lived the illusion that I could steer my life back onto the wide road of self-will, just not at that moment.  I took a drastic step.  I surrendered control.  So now, on my good days, my life is out of "my" control, but it is not out of God's control.  This is a much narrower road than the broad highway of "my way."  Plus, I don't drive.  I am a passenger.  Prayer is when I fill up the tank and clean the windshield, and get into the passenger seat.  God steers.  Sometimes, I make plans as to where we are going.  But my plans may end up wanting to go one way and the road is going another.  I don't take over the control, on the good days.  When I take control, there is a wreak.  I don't want my life to be a wreak.  Been there, done that.  

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