Thursday, July 21, 2016


Jesus had some pretty good wisdom sayings.  One of them is, "Things are hidden from the wise and learned but revealed to the childlike."  What is that all about?  Tolstoy says that if you want to understand something of the spiritual world, then practice it.  Jesus told people to follow him, that is do what he does rather than sit around and ponder it like a professor or philosopher, who might think good thoughts and give good talks, but in fact do not practice what they preach/teach.  A child is one who follows the parent, and mimics what the parent does.  Of course, later the child may rebel, or try to find their 'Unique self," but by then they are not being childlike.  If you are merely thinking about meditation, or reading about it, you are becoming wise, but not transformed.  You have information, but not transformation.  We become loving by loving, not thinking about loving.  Some people think that being of service might be a good thing.  You never know until you try it. You read enough now of this blog.  Be childlike.

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