Thursday, July 28, 2016


I have no experience with drugs or pills.  They never really appealed to me.  An occasional this or that when I was younger just did not do much for me.  So when someone comes to me now and says that they are having a problem with drugs, I do not assume that they want to stop.  So I first ask them if they want to stop.  I have found out that often enough they do not really want to stop.  They want to stop suffering consequences.  They would prefer their drugs with no loss of health, job, spouse, reputation, or finances.  I am the killjoy priest.  I tell them my opinion.  Stop, and find other people who have stopped and stayed stopped.  If they counter with "there is nothing the matter with drugs," I ask them why their life is falling apart?  I am not here to judge and condemn.  I do point out that for this person, there are consequences.  It is they who said they were having a "problem."  I am a big believer in abstinence.  Talk about the narrow road!  If you are having a problem with something, and your attempt to manage the problem is not bearing good results, then maybe your problem cannot be managed, at least by you.  Most people I meet don't care for abstinence.  I seem to have the minority opinion.  I certainly cannot make a living at it.

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