Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Little Spirituality

A little spiritual evolvement is a tricky thing.  If there is a devil, it usually would trip you up here.  See, when our lives are a disaster, zero connect to soul, God, a healthy lifestyle, we might be willing to do anything to get better.  This is when we are most likely to follow directions, to get out of our hell.  When we are in very fit spiritual condition, we will continue to do those things that got us there.  It is the in-between times that get us.  How?  Well, you get a job, you feel physically better from good diet and exercise, you may have a family or your family back.  Life is getting busy with good things.  So you begin to say, "I am too busy" to do whatever got you in this fit spiritual condition in the first place.  I have these "important" things to do.  I have no time to meet with my group, read uplifting literature that directs my life, be of service to someone who is now where I used to be, a mess.  We are too busy to attend to soul with meditation, or a walk or exercise, or correct diet.  The "too busy" temptation is really a tuxedo/evening gown excuse to trash our lives, but we are too evolved to be that directly tempted.  So the evil one comes up with some more acceptable excuse that will ultimately send our lives into the spiral downward that never seems to go away.  How many times have I heard someone say, "I was too busy to...." and then they lost their job, family, health and pretty much every other good thing.

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