Sunday, December 18, 2016

Start Ups

There was a woman named Crispina.  She was a martyr  and the Catholic Church said she was a saint, as martyrs tend to be in my church.  I love here quote when she was on trial for her faith before the Roman Proconsul.  She said, "A religion that inflicts torture on those who do not adhere to it is not a religion."  This was in the year 304.  Christianity was just in the "start up" phase.  Start up religion generally does not persecute.  But if they get powerful, and even control the government, then things tend to change, e.g. the Inquisition, and Religious Wars in Europe.  So it is probably good that religion not have such free reign.  But even within the religion, is it not a form of terror to tell someone that if they do a certain action, then they go to hell?  I mean, how do you know?  No religion is so powerful that it can tell God what to do.  My God may be powerful, but is not a terror God.

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  1. Juridical Intimidation still exist today in the forms of Excommunication -- withholding the Eucharist [Communion Host] -- and being terminated from Church jobs because of life-style choice, even though persons haven't openly dissent, or threatened hell fire before a national election, just concluded. Aren't these forms of terror? //RAL