Friday, December 9, 2016


General Franco in Spain, back in the 1930s wanted to restore Spain to the time when the Catholic Church reigned as in former centuries.  The Catholic Church supported this idea over against a government that might burn down churches for being cozy with people of money.  But what gets really interesting is that both Hitler and Mussolini supported Franco in the Spanish civil war because Franco would triumph over a liberal government that included Socialism.  Franco won.  The Spanish church stayed conservative.  Years later, religious groups formed in the conservative Spanish church to spread a conservative theology that cared little for modernity.  It was exported to the Western Hemisphere of Central and South America.  Then it came here in the face of Spanish speaking priests from these countries, who think little of our secular government.  Such priests would think they had a more "pure" Catholicism than what we had without them. They are here to convert us "nominal" Catholics. A little knowledge of history might show that even the "pure" have dirty hands.  For the spiritually evolved person, history brings humility.  For others, it brings denial.

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  1. The Traditionalists see themselves as 'holier than thou' and the savior to "make the Church great again". They can't and won't discern the Signs of the Time, gives the Word a Voice in a progressive cultural context. Reciting Latin by rote seemed better -- and comforting -- than to struggle with developing own spirituality. ///RALew