Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cold Office

I got back to Boulder, Colorado with the air at a single digit number and snow falling.  No heat in my office?  Does God hate me?  Maybe, but that was not the reason for lack of heat.  It seems that someone at some point late last winter, felt that his office was too hot.  He does not spend much time in it.  So, as the rumor goes around, he turned off the valves in other offices so as to cut the heat off to his office.  I guess this is possible.  I know mediation not heat pipes.   When we tried to crank up the furnace to heat our offices, nada in the offices that had their valves turned off.  The valves have now been opened, and we have heat.  I am hoping that when this valve-turning-off person dies, he will have lots of heat for a very long time.  Oh! I forgot.  I am spiritually evolved.  Or maybe not, if I think this way.  I need some prayer that will turn on the spiritual juices of my heart so I will love wicked people.  But then, maybe it was all just a rumor.

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