Sunday, December 11, 2016

First Martyr

I read where the Vatican is going to recognize the first USA martyr, a priest, Fr. Rother, killed in Guatemala in 1981.  I am confused.  Were not four women killed, two raped, in El Salvador, in 1980?  To me they were martyrs.  Military people killed them.  It is documented, as far as I know, but then maybe I know nothing.  Are not nuns and lay women martyrs just like priests?  if you get some facts to clear all this up for me, please do.  Thank you.

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  1. In the Roman Church, male clericalism trumps female religious many times.
    Jesuit Pope Francis is working on Reforming that institutional bias on sexism, but is getting flack from the so-called orthodox thinkers and even some conservative cardinals. Will there be an even playing field within the Church? Ever? When, if so? // RALew