Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pierced Ears

Did Mary have her ears pierced?  Who knows?  Most of the statues and paintings have her with a veil.  But my big sister, Maureen, said Mary had her ears pierced.  Maureen was my first theologian, so I tended to believe whatever she said about God issues.  Growing up went better that way.  But I did have problems with my Blessed Mother in heaven having pierced ears.  To me, back then, girls with pierced ears were Jezebel types, bad girls.  Movie posters had bad girls wearing ear rings in their pierced ears.  My Mom wore earrings but they were clip ons. Maureen had pierced ears.  I suspect now, years later, that she used Mary's ears as an excuse to get her own ears pierced so she could wear earrings.  I told Maureen, "If God wanted girls to have pierced ears, God would have made their ears with holes in them."  I called Maureen a "Jezebel."  That is when she told me that Jesus' Mother had pierced ears.  I was shocked.  What is heaven coming to?  My hope, and belief, was that when Jesus grew up, he healed up the holes in his mother's ears, so that she would go to heaven without pierced ears.  My faith was secure.

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