Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tidying Up

In my rectory in San Francisco, 10 priests live.  Some simply do not clean up.  They have low housekeeping skills or low interest.  I like to clean up after them because it allows me to be of service AND to check my tendency to judge others, generally as so much worse than me.  When I clean up after them I get to check what I am thinking about my housemates.  If I am into acceptance, at peace, feeling uplifted by being of service, then I know that I am truly on a spiritual path of growth.  Change does not come from simply sitting in meditation and letting go of stuff.  This is only part one.  There is a part two: action in the everyday world.  That is where I test for the fruits of my prayer.  As for getting people to do what I want them to do?  That ain't never gonna happen!

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  1. The question comes down to "tidying up" for whom: me by minding my own business, working on self perfection; others partly as a projection of my own biases: e.g. cleanliness as sign of Grace. Perhaps a middle way is to seek permission of others before ***"tidying up"*** of their space and mind///RALew