Thursday, December 8, 2016

God At Work

The experience of Grace, or God at work, comes to me when something good happens, and I have no idea how it came about.  It seems to be pure gift.  Fro example, I have been trying to get work in the San Francisco Bay Area for the 9 years I have been out here.  I have never been asked to speak in the East Bay.  I offered.  Nothing happened.  I had pretty much given up.  Then one day, I was asked to speak over there.  I have no idea how it came about.  My presentation went well.  I don't do mass mailings, brochures or calling cards much at all any more.  I probably did something to get this invite, but I like that I don't know what I did because then I can experience the event as pure grace, God at work.  It keeps me humble too.

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