Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blog Housekeeping

Most people who make comments to me about my blog come up as "anonymous."  But we aren't AA, so being anonymous may not be all that necessary.  But people tell me they don't know how to identify themselves when they make a comment.  So here is what you can do.  Below the daily blog is a comment box.  At the bottom of the box is something that says, "name."  Hit the arrow and a list of choices opens up.  Choose "Name/URL.  Then you can put in your name and I will get a better idea of who is reading my blog.  If you say nasty things, I will know to take you off my prayer list.
If you would like to read me, NOT in Facebook, for one reason or another, you can simply go to your search engine and type in and get the daily blog.  I suppose you could bookmark this blogspot.  I will have to ask my newly discovered blogmeister, Patty, who could be my new best friend since all I seem to be able to do is content and not tech stuff.  This housekeeping blog is going out thirty minutes before the regular daily blog today.  So look for another blog for today, if you got on before 4:00 AM Mountain time.


  1. I don't want anyone to know that I want more Maureen stories. ;-)

  2. So happy to help :)

  3. Always enjoy reading the humorous sibling rivalries between you and Maureen and even with Paulist conferees. I see you then more "human" like the rest of us wrestling with Spirituality growth and development. Magis. RAL

    1. If I say something nasty about you (or your blog) don't I need to be held in prayer even more?
      Put me on your prayer list twice, OK?

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