Sunday, December 25, 2016


The big problem with God becoming a human being, as Christians tend to believe, is not that God did it.  It is that God did it outside of anyone's expectation or plan.  It is awfully hard to get someone to believe something that does not fit their plan of how things ought to be.  The Christian teaching is that God came as a baby, to poor people, in a stable, in an out of the way town, in a backwater country.  No one could buy it.  But this seems to be so consistent with the way God operates.  I mean Moses was not prime time for representing God.  He was a fugitive, a shepherd, with a stutter, and God sent him to mighty Pharaoh? No wonder Pharaoh would not buy in.  I can only tell people on this Christmas Day what I believe.  It is God's job to deal with how people respond, since God seems to decide to act in such unexpected ways.  Merry Christmas.  Be open to the unexpected.  God is funny that way.