Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Secrets To Happiness

Pope Francis gave a list for the recipe to happiness.  One of them was, "Respect those who think differently. The Church grows by attraction, not proselytism."  This sounds like something right out of a twelfth step program for happiness.  Institutional religions seem to have a problem with listening and accepting differences.  They fear "relativism."  Listening and accepting does not mean agreeing, but not listening or accepting often leads to strife, war, anger, and punishment by those in power over those who have less power.  The pope also added to his list, "Play with children."   This is what seems to give life to grandparents and the elderly as they age.  Pope Francis did not say to play with children all day every day, but rather as some regular part of your weekly life.  Playing with children is a way to "Give yourself to others," which is a third point in the pope's recipe for happiness.  The pope is 80 but he keeps going with plenty of energy.  Maybe his recipe for happiness has some truth?


  1. His recipe works for me, also; but only when I release my petty tendencies to actually follow the recipe!