Thursday, December 29, 2016

Reaching The Child

If God came upon the earth as a baby, why?  Why not come as a fully grown powerful, brilliant hero type figure to fix things for the rest of us?  I think that it is because God wanted to reach children.  God came upon the earth as a baby because God wanted children to identify with God in their own little lives that need love, support and protection.  I think that Christmas is to help children to get the idea that God loves them just as they are, because God knows what is is to be a child.  As children grow up, this often gets lost in catechism, reformation wars about theology, interfaith proofs for the singular specialness of Jesus, and then lots of rules and regulations.  Christmas is a special time for children and the childlike.  

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  1. Right on -- be simple and malleable 'like these children, for their is the Kingdom'
    [paraphrase attributed to Jesus by Mark]