Monday, December 12, 2016

Baseball Salary

I have problems with the idea of being paid for something that you did not do and may never do.  A professional baseball player signs a contract that says he will be paid a certain amount for the next several years.  The team wants stability and order, but this is really disorder waiting to happen.  There is no guarantee that the player will do the things for which he is guaranteed a "salary."  You don't really earn something, if you get the money no matter what you produce.  No business ever hired me, saying I would be guaranteed  so much money for so many future years.  They would pay for performance, and if I did not perform, or performed badly, out the door I would go.  Would God say, "I guarantee you heaven for the next six years based upon your performance for the last year?"  It does get silly.  I think we grow by way of a certain creative tension.  I pray each day, practice certain healthy exercises, eating a certain way, do certain things on a daily basis, because I know that as soon as I stop, I begin to go downhill.  Human nature, being what it is, does not respond  to guarantees without performance.  Saints and Recovery people know this.

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