Saturday, December 24, 2016


The precursor of Morning and Evening News was the Monastic Life!  Yes.  Before television, many people would greet the morning light with some prayer, called Morning Prayer.  I suspect some farmers and ranchers still do that.  In the evening, after it got dark, pre-electricity, needed for TV, people would say an evening prayer and review the day, sometimes called an examination of conscience.  We got all this from the monastic life of praying according to the light and darkness as we greeted God who gave us the light, and then said goodnight with the darkness.  A lot of that has gone by the wayside, replaced with electricity and television and now on line computer time.  With the old time prayer cycle we stayed in our own world, the real world.  With television and now computers, we stay in someone else's world.  I still try to tune into God.  This puts me behind on who won some sport game.  But it also keeps me from escape.

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