Friday, August 4, 2017

Fit Spiritual Condition

Whenever we tend to take our fit spiritual condition for granted, we tend to slaken off.  We got to this good place because we disciplined ourselves to practice such things as meditation and examination of conscience on a daily basis.  So now we may do some good activities, helpful to others, improving the world, but these take the place of our spritual practice.  We skip it for a day or two.  No meditation.  Nada.  We don't actually plan to skip the practice.  We simply get so involved in other things that we forget.  We pure of heart now need some humility.  Our lives begin to spiral downward.  We feel scattered, frazzled, and out of sorts.  So we decide to meditate to get that fit conditon back.  But it does not come back right away.  Scar tissue from wounds of neglect.  The moral?  You cannot easily retrieve what is poorly guarded.

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