Saturday, August 12, 2017


You have heard me talk about purgatory in blogs.  It is not such a bad place if you think of it as the "mezzanine."  In a theater I like to sit in the mezzanine.  It is not necessarily the best seat in the house, which might be orchestra center near stage where you can see the actors and their facial expressions.  You have to pay a lot to get there.  Big sacrifice.  On the other hand, the mezzanine is not the balcony, which does not cost so much, but is far away and hard to see faces and maybe even hear the words of the actor speaking.  So I like the in-between mezzanine that is not too expensive and you get enough for me.  I am not in heaven nor am I in hell.  So, given the amount of myself I am willing to give up for the sake of being a better person, I guess I am a purgatory guy.  I will do something to be good, but not a whole lot.  I will never be a saint, but I hope to at least not be a really miserable person to myself and others.  Had my big sister, Maureen, been nicer to me, spent more of herself to attend to me, the prince, she would be in orchestra center section of eternity.  Her admirers? Balcony people.

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