Saturday, August 5, 2017

Triple Check

On the latest airplanes there are three computers for when the pilot cannot see anything, as in a landing.  The three computers all have to agree or else the calculations are done all over again.  They are all checking data to see that they agree on the landing.  Think about this in your own life.  Do you act compulsively and later say, "What was I thinking?"  Do you bother to ask anyone else if what you are considering is a good idea or step to take?  Many people have spiritual directors, sponsors, good friends along the journey of life with whom they check things out before making a decision.  If you have been burnt a few times by total self-reliance, you might want to consider adding someone(s) to your decision process.  Many people pick the wrong spouse.  They think they know, when all their friends are advising otherwise.  Asking for a second opinion is one thing.  Then you have to listen with an open and sane mind.  Or crash.

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