Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The List Of Faults

A lot of us try to keep a list our our faults or character defects/shortcomings as a way to keep track of how we are doing on a daily basis.  I have my list but find that this "cataloguing" is very hard to remember.  I can review it at night, but it seems I don't access it when I need it during the day.  So what I try to do is focus on one thing: being loving in service to others, and making time for meditation.  If I am kind and loving in action, it does not matter what negative "catalogue" thoughts come into my mind.  I can ignore them if I am focused on that one thing: being loving and helpful.  The mediation time is to make sure that I don't over help and burn out.  At night, in my review of my day, I find that I have been less selfish, whiny, resentful and judgmental.  My heart is changed more by action than analysis.  It works for me.

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