Sunday, August 6, 2017

Light Bends

If you see the total eclipse of the sun, you will see stars.  They are not where you see them.  Say what?  Well, when the light from the star passes the sun on the way to your eye, the gravity of the sun bends the light.  As a result the star is not where you "see" it.  It is the General Theory of Relativity as Albert Einstein puts it.  Now how about Terry Ryan's general theory of judgment.  You judge a person by what you see, but what you see may not be completely accurate.  What you see is distorted by things you don't see.  You cannot see gravity.  A person might do an action that you see and experience.  You don't know their motives, or the pain they might be undergoing, or other "hidden" circumstances.  A person steals.  They are bad.  Sinners. Too lazy to work, and so on, in your judgment.  But they may be starving, unemployable, desperate to feed others in their care.  I have met any number of people who think alcoholics are weak-willed, selfish, uncaring people.  Such judgment does not know addiction.  We judge people for being too much for God or not enough for God and so on.  Since we do not really walk in amy shoes but our own, maybe it is best to not get caught in the Terry Ryan theory of judgment, in case I am right.

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