Thursday, August 10, 2017

Maureen And Latin

One day, my big sister Maureen said, "I am going to learn Latin when I go to high school next year."  "Why?" I asked.  "I thought only priests had to know Latin."  "Think of it this way, dummy.  When the church prays the mass, it is in Latin.  I figure that Latin is the language God understands.  Maybe God will listen to me and answer some of my prayers if I say them in Latin."  I thought about this for a moment and then asked, "Doesn't God answer your English prayers?"  With a sigh, she said, "So far, no.  I asked God to make you clean up your part of the bedroom, and keep your part of the closet neater, but so far, no dice."  I pondered this a bit in silence.  Then I thought out loud, "Protestants don't have mass and don't pray in Latin, do they?"  "No," she answered.  "That is why God does not listen to them.  Very few Catholics speak Latin, so God can focus on these few and not get over loaded with requests. So I am going to study Latin."  I don't think Maureen studied Latin in her high school.  But I took her advice and studied Latin in high school and college.  Then the Catholic Church dropped Latin in the mass and we all began to pray in English.  I guess this allowed God to cut back on work if God only understands Latin.  God has been around a long time and probably needed a break.  I pray in English now and ask God to get Maureen out of purgatory.  If Maureen is right about the Latin, then maybe she is still there.  What is the Latin for "purgatory."

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  1. purgatorium ?
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