Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Meditation is like pliers.  It loosens my hold on my thinking.  Thinking can be held by prejudices, judgments, fears, resentments and so on.  All these attachments to my thinking need to be dislodged or loosened up, and eventually removed.  Pliers are used to loosen things that are too tightly bound.  Meditation is my spiritual pliers.  Deep meditation dislodges me from the focus on my thoughts.  I rest for some moments detached from thoughts.  This allows for something else to move into a more central place in my mind.  I begin to get some insight, a different way of seeing the world around me, a greater openness to diversity in my world.  So if you want to be reminded to meditate on a daily basis, put a pair of pliers next to your bed or coffee cup.  And remember this blog.

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  1. I would love to solve my meditation problem with pliers....but....I have tried to meditate at least one hundred times and it just doesn't happen. Even at five in the morning in a Trappist Abbey with fifteen monks in a meditation chapel...sigh.