Tuesday, February 27, 2018

3:00 AM Wakeup

Someone said, "Why is it that when we wake up at 3:00 AM we cannot think of anything that is good?"  That would be me sometimes for sure.  I may wake up and roll over and go back to sleep.  But if I don't doze off soon, the mind starts cranking out stuff that I need to worry about, but cannot do anything about now or maybe ever.  Or my mind tells me that there is an answer to a problem and that answer requires a catastrophic response of action on my part.  At 3:00 AM the answers, if any, are in the area of quit the job, get out of the relationship, sell the home, move far away where you don't know people and do something new.  3:00 AM problems are monstrous, so the solutions are monstrous.  Sometimes there are no solutions in sight, or I am unwilling to do crazy solutions, so I just stew in thoughts.  If I can mediate while in bed I can at times settle the restless mind.  3:00 AM is the time when I am most likely to say, "My life is in ruins."  You can always get up and read blogs!

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