Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Life Is Over

I have become a little old man.  I was to fly to Florida to do some work.  I did not bring a suitcase.  I carried three shoulder bags.  One of the bags contained my computer, my iPad, and wallet/money.  I got through security and then onto the Denver tram to take me to terminal C.  I got off the tram, and walked the long corridor to my gate.  I had a great Southwest boarding number.  I am an "A List" guy now.  So I was going to get a good seat and storage for my three shoulder bags.  I decided to take out my wallet and money and put those things into my pockets for the trip.  I took off one shoulder bag, and then another.  I looked down.  I have three bags.  Where is bag number 3, with computer, iPad and wallet/money/credit cards?  I felt around my back.  No bag.  I did not go crazy and scream or throw a fit.  I went into shock. My life is over.  I am not going to Florida or anywhere.  I don't even have money to get back to Boulder from the Denver airport.  I hurried back to the bathroom to see if I left the bag there.  Fat chance.  No bag.  I went back to the Southwest gate counter to cancel my reservation so that I would not lose use of the ticket.  A man in front of me was taking forever with the one Southwest agent at the counter.  God is punishing me.  I have been bad.  But then I am praying to said God and St. Anthony, Mary and all my saints.  To be continued tomorrow...

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