Friday, February 9, 2018

Program Of Action

Any spiritual path has got to be a program of action at some point.  Recovery Programs know this.  So do the other great religions.  Fro instance, Christianity has a bible story where a crazy guy, possessed, living in a cemetery, comes up to Jesus and shouts, or the guy's demons shout at Jesus.  Scary stuff.  Anyhow, Jesus cures the guy, at the expense of a  herd of swine.  This may have driven up the cost of pork in the near term local market, but it was good news for the lunatic.  He was now calm and sane.  He wants to follow Jesus.  But Jesus has enough of an entourage of followers.  Jesus wants some action after you have been healed.  So Jesus tells the now sane fellow to go home to his family and announce to them what God in his pity has done for him.  Announce good news.  Go a little bit public with positive action.  This will be a challenge for the family who may all be puzzled as to why their crazy relative is now so calm and properly dressed.  What will happen when the meds run out?  You know the story.  We all have trouble accepting the miraculous in one another.  The recovering alcoholic suffers the same fate.  All the now sane guy can do is act in this new healed manner.  The rest is not up to him.

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