Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I was reminded from the book on meditation, The Cloud Of Unknowing, that "nothing is so precious as time."  When you might think that you have nothing much to offer to people, remember that you do have "time."  When you listen or are otherwise helpful, it takes time, your time.  Many of us think that the best thing we can offer to people in need is money or material stuff.  Though this may be needed we often take from our surplus when giving $$ charity.  Time never seems to be in surplus in our lives, so it becomes a real sacrifice.  Meditation is the offering of time to whoever our God or Power greater than ourself is.  So too is spiritual reading.  When we say, "I have no time," this may very well be true.  Time is precious.  To give it up for a relationship is usually because of love in our heart.  Love will change us more deeply than will charity, or the perceived need of others.

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