Saturday, February 24, 2018

Unsuspected Inner Resource

If you don't like the whole idea about "God" but yet know that something is at work in you, I have a way to name it.  I got this idea from someone else.  They spoke about an "Unsuspected Inner Resource."  You see it is not a person, who lives in a place and pulls power leavers or founds religions.  But it is something that you know from experience is at work in you.  You seem to be changing for what you see as the better.  You are able to make responses to life's situations and terms, that are seemingly new to you.  This inner resource seems new to you.  Was it always there within you?  What is it?  You can ask yourself questions, inquire, but don't get into arguments with yourself or others.  Your experience is your truth.    Something is at work in you and your life is better.  If more is to be revealed that will be another story for another time.  

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  1. "Your experience is your truth." Thank you for that.