Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Zero Salary

You know what the Pope's salary is per year?  Zero.  He is not supposed to even have a bank account.  Now he does get room and board and travel paid for as part of his job.  But the President of the USA gets that too and he gets a salary.  What if people give the Pope some money in a handshake?  He is supposed to give it away to charity.  I guess when everything is paid for, you don't carry any money in your pocket.  I saw a Michael Douglas movie when he was playing President and he did not have any money or credit cards in his pocket.  I wonder if the people asking for alms on the streets of Rome know that the Pope is not good for spare change?  Or the President for that matter.  But I do have money in my pocket.  Am I good for alms to those who seek and ask?

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