Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is an organization of restaurants that have a policy of pay as you want.  There is or was one in Denver, Colorado named Same Cafe.  The address is Colfax Street.  Its menu has no prices.  There is only a donation box.  I like this idea.  If I were doing well financially, had a bit of extra money, I would eat there and pay more than I think would be normal.  This would allow me to be of support to someone who was hungry but could not afford much at all to pay.  I guess that the restaurant has to rely on a profitable balance to stay in business.  It seems like a unique way for people to do something practical, eat lunch, and at the same time support those who have little money for restaurants.  It would also allow people to have the luxury of eating out sometimes when they cannot afford it.  This whole idea relies on virtue, honesty, kindness, compassion and such.  There are variations on this method such as a no-profit price in which you pay the minimum no profit price, or more, if you can.  It seems that it allows a business to run its business yet still be an outreach to those who could not otherwise afford to be customers.

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  1. I LOVE this concept - or both of them, I should say - you did not mention the joyful experience of dining among some who ars less fortunate than ourselves, or more so, with complete anonymity, thereby breaking many silly economic barriers...True Christianity!